Decisions Made

I’ve re-evaluated my travel plans for 2017.  I was able to save some money on my Atlanta trip by using frequent flyer miles to get there – no way could I drive for $40 worth of airport fees. I’ve also decided to attend NASFIC, and reluctantly to not attend ConQuest in KC and InConJunction in Indianapolis.  NASFIC will cost me every bit as much as the two smaller cons combined.  Alas, to minimize vacation time, […]

Two Nice Things

Two nice things happened over the weekend. Nice Thing #1 I got my carpets at the house cleaned.  I paid for a service, and three young guys showed up and in 90 minutes did what would have taken me all day.  They also got it done better than I would have. Nice Thing #2 One of the “perks” of being on programming for a volunteer SF con is that, if the con is financially sound, […]

Decisions, decisions

I’m going to be curled up with a warm calculator this weekend making some financial decisions.  Specifically, travel-related. This year, I’m already committed to go to Atlanta for a Rotary event (expensive), a European cruise (costly), and visits to two European countries (costly).  I normally attend two out-of-town science fiction cons.  Last year it was ConQuest in Kansas City and InConJunction in Indianapolis.  Both are driveable, but that’s still several nights hotel, food, gas, etc. […]

Salad Days

I’m overweight.  I’ve pretty much always been on the heavy side.  The author Elizabeth Bear (a lovely person – I’ve met her several times) also struggles with weight and blames her “famine-tuned Ukrainian ancestors” for the problem.  My old country, Lithuania, was not (to my knowledge) particularly famine-plagued, but back in Ye Olde Dayes most people were at least occasionally concerned about where the next meal was coming from.  Here in the days where we […]

Monday Link Salad

It’s a Monday, and alas I have many things to do today, so in lieu of content have some links: Ellie Maloney, a writer of my acquaintance, has a new magazine out.  Details by clicking on the link. Presented without comment – lies my doctor told me: it’s because you’re fat. You can buy an Irish pub-in-a-box. Read about it here. Where do you put garbage in paradise?  On an island.

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