Pirates of Mars

Pirates of Mars!

What could possibly go wrong with pirates on Mars?  Well, quite a bit, actually.  The pirates holding the containership Charles S. Price have a problem – with the ship’s engines dead, they’ll soon be just another crater on the Martian surface.  Their solution?  Call the Volunteer Space Rescue Service for help and steal Space Rescue’s ship!   But this fight is over more than just a ship and her crew – a secret cargo may hold the keys to the fate of Mars! 


Where to buy Pirates of Mars:  
Barnes and Noble  
ebooks available at both sites!
Powells (king of the indie bookstores)

Read the first three chapters! (PDF file)


Reviews of Pirates of Mars

“I had only one reaction to the book and that was, I have to do the cover!” - Hugo award-winning author and artist Ron Miller.

Read The Big Idea behind Pirates of Mars.

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