Salad Days

I’m overweight.  I’ve pretty much always been on the heavy side.  The author Elizabeth Bear (a lovely person – I’ve met her several times) also struggles with weight and blames her “famine-tuned Ukrainian ancestors” for the problem.  My old country, Lithuania, was not (to my knowledge) particularly famine-plagued, but back in Ye Olde Dayes most people were at least occasionally concerned about where the next meal was coming from.  Here in the days where we have food coming out our ears, we don’t have that problem.


Now, the other day I linked to an article about how being fat does not, in fact, cause every medical malady.  I suspect there’s a lot of truth to that article, in that much of the “evils” of being fat are actually the evils of being sedentary.  We may never be able to tease apart weight from activity.  On the other hand, judging from my personal blood chemistry, there is at least some detriment to me being heavy.


So I’m trying to get back on the South Beach Diet wagon, which means this week eggs for breakfast and salads for lunch.  My sister is uses and is trying to get me on with the Hellofresh program.  At this moment in my life, I simply haven’t had time to look at it.  Also, I’ve got a freezer full of “regular” food, which the cheapskate in me wants to eat before I make a change.  At any rate, hopefully there will be less of me to love in the near future.

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